Stress and Emotional Health.

Stress and Emotional Health.

Stress and blood glucose levels like can be stressful for everyone sometime

However, for people with diabetes, stress can be more troublesome than for others. As you know when we are stressed, either physically

Or emotionally, the body produces certain hormones.

As a result of this process, blood glucose numbers can rise. Physical stress, such as an accident or recovery from surgery may cause dramatic changes to your glucose levels. However, constant mental stress such as family woes. Or even more worries or life events.

These things can have a similar impact. So staying healthy and avoid complications Is the key to optimum health.

Complications arise when stress levels rise. And we are sometimes without control.

According to health officials, diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death. Information is garnered from death certificates around the world

What is listed?

Understanding the serious complications that can develop when diabetes is not managed properly can help in developing a steady management strategy, and can serve as a reminder that all the little things done daily.

Play a much bigger role in the scheme of your healthiest.  Health-related issues that come with diabetes have to pay special attention to the ABCs of diabetes controlling blood glucose (A1C), blood pressure, and


Cholesterol levels.











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