Keep your Pet Occupied at Home

Keep your Pet Occupied at Home

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Some of us will be returning to work outside the home. Here are some tips to keep your furry friends happy while you transition back to the office environment Remember If you rent with your pet, you probably paid a deposit. You would want your refund when you leave. So read on and take these tips in mind to help your pet, and you have a happy home life.


If you have pets, and you are renting, then you  really need to make sure your pet is not going to miss you and become sad. If the pet does then he or she can act out and cause damage to your property or your apartment. Landlords who find pet damage are likely to come after you for the deposit and sometimes may not renew your lease.

If you have a dog, then first advice is to see if you can take your dog to work with you. Some places actually allow people to bring their pet in to work. If your job does say no, bring it up as a suggestion.  After all you never know if your supervisor can make it work. Of course, you will have to make sure Fido sits with you and stays next to you throughout the day.

Secondly, try closer to home and, see if a neighbor can come in at certain times to let your furry pal out for a bathroom break. Even dogs need to stretch his or her legs. A teenager would help you out as well for a few dollars. There are of course professional walkers who will do this for a fee. Check online for specials.

If you have a cat, make sure your blinds are pulled up and the string put away. Cats have been known to get in to the blind pulls. Some cats break the blinds to see outside. It is much better to have a few precautions in place. Make sure the cat has plenty of toys to occupy their time.



Finally, for all your pets, have fresh water available. Bathroom breaks must be available for the dog. While a clean litter box will make your cat happy. Remember a  happy pet makes for a happy home,




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