Seven Exercises to Do at Home in Just 10 minutes!

Quick Exercises to Do Between Zoom Calls.

Lack of time is not an excuse for these exercises! And now there is stay home. This may make you forget about sports routines. Or not going to the gym. Even if you work from home or live with children, it is possible to take 10 minutes every morning, or really whenever to exercise and be fit. Thus, avoiding the return to the routine especially hard. Ten minutes is enough to keep exercised parts of the body in which we pay special attention, such as the legs, and Core. No type of material is needed -no weights nor elastic bands, your home will be your new gym.

Before starting, you need to do a warm-up phase: bringing your knees up to your glutes, lifting them to your chest, running on site while moving your arms up and down, and turning your knees to stretch your joint can be a quick and effective way to warm up and prevent injury. Spend a minute in the warm-up phase. Here we present a table of seven exercises that you must perform twice in a row to complete the 10 minute workout.

Exercises 1 and 2: Jumping Jacks and Front Kicks.

Duration: 30 seconds each exercise. A little cardio to start. To perform the first exercise, you must open your legs and arms at the same time while jumping. Be careful not to fall with your feet flat on the ground. It is a good way to keep warm and work all the muscles in the body. At the end of the jumping jacks, we move on to the next exercise. Stand with your back straight for front kicks alternating your left and right leg.

Exercise 3: Squats.

Duration: 2 x 30 seconds. It is important to do this exercise correctly to avoid injury. First, the feet and shoulders must be at the same height, and we must put out the chest and move the pelvis back, keeping the back straight while looking straight ahead. Once we have this position, we go down as if we were going to sit down and go up carefully to repeat the exercise.

Exercise 4: Wall Sit.

Duration: 1 minute. This exercise allows you to work both the leg and glute muscles. All you need is a wall. To do it correctly, you must place your back on the door or wall, lower your butt and bend your knees until your body is in a position similar to the one you are sitting on, with your knees at a 90 degree angle. This posture should be maintained for one minute.

Exercise 5: Stride.

Duration: 30 seconds. In striding, it is very important to keep your back and abdomen straight to work the abdominal muscles while we do the leg. It consists of performing 15 strides with each leg, lowering the body until the front knee forms a 90 degree angle.

Exercise 6: The Chair Exercise.

Duration: 20 repetitions (30 seconds). For this exercise, as the name implies, you will need a chair. You must stand with your back to it and place your arms on the sides of it. Once you have the position adopted, go down using only force with your arms.

Exercise 7: The Plank.

Duration: 1 minute. This exercise is simple, but at the same time, hard and effective. You have to lie face down with your forearms and toes on the floor. The back position should be completely straight, so that you can feel the tension in the abdomen area.

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