A Lesson On Following Your Intuition Charlotte Allison M.A

A Lesson On Following Your Intuition Charlotte Allison M.A

A Lesson On Following Your Intuition

A Lesson On Following Your Intuition Charlotte Allison M.A
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Your intuition is always guiding you to what is best for you.

Your intuition also warns you when something is not right for you.

Your intuition is always correct. It is up to us to listen to and follow the guidance we are receiving.

Our intuition has many ways of letting us know if we’re on the right path or not. It may be a feeling somewhere in your body or just an overall knowingness. Or some other way. Everybody experiences their intuition differently.

If you ignore what your intuition is telling you; the situation will become worse and worse. This is your intuition’s way of letting you know you are not on the right path. And if you still don’t listen to what your intuition is telling you, there will usually be dire consequences. The entire situation can turn into a catastrophe. If you are not meant to be somewhere, the universe will boot you out. Although this may sound harsh, it is really for your own good. The universe has something better in mind for you.

I have had this experience many times. Times when I did follow my intuition everything turned out okay. Times when I ignored my intuition the situation turned into a disaster.

There is one situation I found myself in a few years ago that demonstrates this point clearly.

I have been waiting tables for some time now, even though I have an education. I decided I would go into substitute teaching because I have an education and I thought this is what I should be doing instead of waiting tables. I took all the steps necessary and was hired by the school district as a substitute teacher.

I knew this wasn’t really the right path for me because it never felt right to me. Every time I would think about quitting my waitressing job to substitute teach, I would get a funny feeling in my stomach. I knew the feeling was telling me not to do this. But I tried to convince myself that the feeling was telling me that this is what I was supposed to be doing because I had an education and shouldn’t be waiting tables.

Anyhow, I continued down that path even though I knew it wasn’t right for me. I had a very difficult time; and it was around my fifth substitute teaching job when it all collapsed.

I was substituting for a Kindergarten class and was still convinced that this is what I should be doing despite the feeling that this was all wrong for me. I even went as far as to call my boss and tell him I would be quitting in two weeks. And that would be my last day.

I made the call when the kids were on a play break. I made the call even though everything around me was telling me not to make that phone call.

When the kids came back into the classroom from play time, everything went from bad to worse. I could not get the class under control no matter what I did. Long story short; the entire classroom was basically destroyed. Everything in the classroom was wrecked, smashed, and damaged.

The principal walked in at some point during this disaster. She raised her voice and ordered the kids to go outside so we could put the classroom back in order.

The principal said she had never seen anything like this in all her years as a principal. She reported it to the school board and recommended that I be terminated. I was in tears.

That did not end well. And all because I did not listen to what I knew my intuition was telling me.

This is a very powerful lesson in how important it is to listen to and follow your intuition. And an example of what can happen when you ignore it.

What I learned from this experience is to trust my intuition no matter what my logical mind is telling me.

Your intuition will always let you know when you are not on the right path. And if you ignore the early warning signs things will become worse and worse. This is your intuition’s way of trying to get you to pay attention.

I learned to always trust my intuition, even if it seems like it’s not taking me in the direction I want to be going. Even if things are seemingly going in the opposite direction.

You might not understand why your intuition is taking you in a certain direction. But just trust that it is taking you down the right path. Even if you are not where you want to be right now. Just trust that there is a reason you need to be where you are right now. Trust that there is a Higher Purpose involved.

Perhaps you are supposed to meet someone who will help you with your career, finances, health or whatever. Or maybe you’re even in that place to meet your soul mate. Trust that there’s a reason you need to be there for the time being. And your intuition will let you know when it’s time to move on.

How do you experience your intuition? I’d love to hear about your experiences. Thanks for reading.


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