What are binaural beats? Binaural beats are a type of auditory illusion that originates from the brain. Contrary to popular belief, they do not create a sound in the physical world. They were discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and have been widely studied since. Binaural beats were originally used for many things including relaxation, meditation, and creativity. More recently, their use has been extended to more practical purposes such as management of chronic pain and insomnia.

Binaural Beats
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Binaural Beats

People often use binaural beats for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. They are usually played through headphones so the sound waves are delivered to each ear separately. When the brain perceives these two sounds as coming from different directions, it creates a third perceptual sound—a "binaural beat" that is created by the brain itself. There is some evidence that binaural beats can alter moods, improve sleep, or boost focus.

So, what precisely is it?

Binaural beats are created by combining two somewhat out-of-sync audio signals to create the sensation of a totally fresh acoustic energy. According to the hypothesis, the brain sees a specific frequency that reflects the whole difference between two slightly out-of-sync vibrations delivered at the very same moment, one for each ear.

The ideal gamma level for activation is 14 to 20 pulsations per second.

Alpha values range from 7 to 14, with 7 to 14 being the best ideal for thinking.

Theta sleep levels range from 4 to 7.

Deep sleep is achieved when the delta level reaches 4 or higher.

The consciousness layer is Beta, whereas the subconscious plane is Alpha, which is where instinct operates.

The world's most clever and successful individuals purposefully lowered their thoughts to Alpha level on a regular basis. You can block out practically anything with the appropriate music.

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Binaural Beats
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