Calisthenic Exercises For Beginners

The calisthenic exercises, also known as a street workout, are exercises that we use as our main resource in our body, which can be increased with some materials such as fixed bars and parallel bars to intensify the training.

It is important to stimulate the body because the more we stimulate it, the better and more conditioned it will become.

Obviously, it is essential to start slowly! A poorly executed exercise, at the wrong frequency, can cause anything from a drop in pressure to injuries, and that’s not what we want, right?

How Does Calisthenics Work?

In this type of calisthenic training, we work both the muscular and the aerobic parts, generating resistance gains and also hypertrophy.

The main characteristic of calisthenics training is working in a circuit or combined exercises, for example:

We can perform a circuit of Calisthenic Exercises for Beginners with 6 exercises:

  • 6 supine fixed bar reps;
  • 6 triceps reps in parallel;
  • 15 traditional arm flex reps;
  • 5 abdominal reps suspended on the bar (stamping feet on the bar);
  • 10 squats reps with jump;
  • perform the circuit 4 times.

And in the combined form, we often use an aerobic exercise with one of strength.


  • 10 push-ups and 50 jumping jacks;
  • 6 fixed bars and 15 burpees (flexion, squat and jump support);

The most common exercises for this type of training are:

  • Pulled on the fixed bar in several footprints;
  • push-ups in different amplitudes;
  • squats with jumps, traditional and unilateral;
  • parallel triceps;
  • abdominal on the ground, suspended, an isometry (plank) and in parallel;
  • paddling with feet flat on the ground;


For the more advanced, it is already possible to increase the training a little more with some acrobatics:

  • handstand push-ups supporting the feet or not;
  • muscle ups on the bar or in the parallels;
  • flags;
  • front lever;
  • back lever, and so it goes according to the capacity and creativity of each one.


What do I find coolest about this type of calisthenic training?

It is fast, VERY intense, and effective.

A well-done workout lasts 10 to 15 minutes! Respecting the intervals when there are. Anyone of any age can practice it!! As with any modality, we should only be careful with executions to avoid injury. The tip is to start slowly!

Do not try to go straight to a circuit training because if your conditioning is not up to date, malaise can happen like a pressure drop.

So, let’s practice ??

Start with 30 minutes of training, so you can perform a slightly longer interval between one set and another.

Both men and women.


Calisthenic Training Routine for Beginners

Calisthenics Workout for Beginners.

1A — 6 to 15 push-ups;

1B — 30 seconds of jumping jacks;

2A — 3 to 8  fixed bars;

2B — 8 to 12 sit-ups by stamping feet on the bar;

3A — 10 to 15 conventional squats;

3B — 30 seconds of Skipping (jogging in place, raising the knees well);



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