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The Butterfly Who Lost Sight of Their Wings - A Poem by JRE about NARCS

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All of my loved ones saw me dimming my light

So that you could shine yours just a little more bright


But it wasn't healthy 

It wasn't true love

True love fills your hearts cup

Mine was emptying filling yours up


Late night

Another fight

We both know this isn't right


I came to you a butterfly while you were still a caterpillar

My metamorphosis was over, and with you I regressed

In the end it just made us both sad, angry, and stressed


I let you use me

I let you abuse me

I shouldn't have done that, and this I now know

You never could love me while still needing to grow


Thank you for setting me free from despair

Grateful to once more be breathing fresh air

I hope on some level you realize how much I did, and do care 


For you

For me

For all that I see


For all the peaks and the valleys

For all the highs and the lows

For my kindness and grace despite your menacing blows


For the moon

For the sun

For love's battle finally won


Thankful to know we're still sharing these trees

Grateful to know we're still sharing these seas


I choose to focus on the good,

While you dwell in the bad

This is why get sad, 

Then angry or mad


Misery loves company, and I lied in its bed

But now I would rather share a table instead


I am a survivor,

You tried to make me a victim again


For a moment I relapsed

Slipped back into my past


Hoping we can reconnect as friends in the future,

But our romance was never built to last


We all must face hardship, and darkness, and hell

In order to fully appreciate goodness, lightness, and the well


It may not be over forever, 

But for now, it must be

I promise this is what's best for you,

And for me


For we are both bright lights,

But right now, mine is brighter, 

And you need to grow more,

Before you can glow more


For now, I am seeking someone wholly true.

So that we may glow together,

AS I wanted to glow with you





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This is so beautiful!

😍 😍