Connect with Others for a Healthy Life

Connect with Others for a Healthy Life

By Staff

Connect with Others for a Healthy Life

Dr. Robert Waldinger carried out a Harvard study that implies that “healthy relationships are a recipe for better mental, physical and emotional health.”

Those above 80 years of age out of 700 people who were teenagers in the 1930s and about 60 men who were still active in their 90s revealed the following:

  • Loneliness can be dangerous.
  • The quality of every relationship is important.
  • Healthy relationships are like a protection to the brain.
  • Solid social ties are associated with improved health.

The question now is, what can you do to make your connections with others stronger?

Fact is, there are various ways you can achieve this, even if you are an introvert!!!

One of such ways is by volunteering to take part in a cause you are passionate about and committing your time to it.

Or you can make a conscious effort to improve the relationships you already have with people you care about.

If there is someone you have not set eyes on in a long time, it is better you put a call across and set up a meet or date rather than counting on social media and text messaging. Being physically available in people’s lives can go a long way in building strong relationships.


The Importance of boundaries cannot be overemphasized!

Boundaries tend to make caring for ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually a lot easier. A healthy boundary further helps us nurture a positive sense of belonging. Not allowing the opinion of others define who we are but trusting who we are is a significant aspect of our general happiness.

According to Psychology Today, the reason we have unhealthy or poorly defined boundaries is that we want to be unselfish, kind, cannot say no because we don’t want to feel guilty and want to be adored/admired.

You should know that it is unhealthy to always put others ahead of yourself.

You would be amazed at how much peace comes with your ability to put your desires and things concerning your first before that of others


Are you aware that writing daily can play the role of helping you clear your mind, find solutions to problems more efficiently as well as rearrange your thoughts?

In an article published by Michigan State University, it was revealed that keeping a diary can suffice as an emotional release and assist an individual in getting rid of negative thoughts and accessing nothing but a clear mind.

In 2011 a Psychological Science journal that was published recommended a simple technique or method that can be used to cleat the mind. All it requires is for you to pen down your thoughts on a piece of paper and then dispose of the paper. See how simple it is?


One with a clear mind is at peace

When you have that inner peace it has a domino effect that in-turn makes the world a better place to exist in.

Actions that we take from a place of peace make us kind, generous, loving, patient and more understanding as an individual.

We become less judgmental, less temperamental, and this just makes the world a happy and peaceful place.

Joy can easily be expressed outwardly and when people around you can feel it too, they can easily connect with you. Make the effort to develop or find that inner peace, love and be true to yourself and it will extend to those around you.


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