Creative Ways to Downsize When Moving to a Smaller Space By Staff

Creative Ways to Downsize When Moving to a Smaller Space By Staff

It can be troublesome when you’re moving to a place smaller than where you lived before. Living in a roomy house can make you end up with a lot of things, especially unnecessary things. It is fine until you have to move to a place not big enough for all of it to fit in.

This is the time when you have to think about downsizing. It can be a bit hectic but if you work systematically, you can go through the procedure creatively. The first thing in downsizing your belongings is to know well what you have and what you will need. Make a quick check of all the objects you have and list down everything you think is not necessary.

You will find quite a few objects that you can live without so now, how to get rid of them.

The first thing you need to do is to know the worth of all the unwanted objects to avoid giving them at a low price. You can then visit consignment stores to sell your products with a 30-40 percent commission. Or, you can even sell online on various sites. Sites like Letgo, Rebag, and more can help you sell your used products at good rates. Even Amazon now offers you sell your used products by becoming their seller or craigslist if you want it free. But, you have to be careful while selling things to unknown buyers. Be sure to do the deal at a public place and not let anyone in your home, and you’re good to go.

Another thing you can consider is swapping your objects. You can find many online stores willing to exchange objects. This gives you an option to give away what you don’t want while making space for something you need. GoSwap is a good example of such sites that let you trade your unwanted objects for something useful.

You can also consider getting furniture that takes lesser space or foldable furniture. It is available in different online stores, even on Amazon as foldable furniture. This is a good option for keeping things that are your need while taking a minimum of space.

The best way of downsizing is also by just giving away. Your trash can be someone else’s treasure. There are many people out there in need of things that are not useful for you anymore. Clothes and other objects can be donated. The books you have already read, do not need to stay with you so just give them away to a library or even a school. This can provide you contentment as well as space in your new home.

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