Creative Ways to Save Money on Groceries.

Some tips to save money.

save money

Creative ways to save money on groceries.


Everyone wants to save money in different areas of their life. Since we all need to eat, the grocery bill is one area where you can look to trim costs. The obvious way, of course, is to buy fewer groceries. Additionally, you can use manufactures coupons to trim excess cost. But there are some other ways that you can incorporate in the everyday shopping that will help eventually.


First, saving money on groceries can help you eat better while saving money. Known fact: If you do not buy processed foods, then you will save some money. The downside is you may have to visit the grocery store more often than before to replenish.


Fresh products are naturally better as they have a shelf life and must be eaten within a time frame. Look for bruised fruit these will be discounted. Check to make sure there are no holes. Fruits and vegetable that have a indelible skin can sometimes be ok to buy in inorganic section. Check the code on the fruit and vegetable


Secondly, look for community gardens and your local Farmers Markets. These types of places help you to buy produce locally. When these farmers grow crops, their produce is usually organic as the crops are not sprayed with large-scale insecticide. The farmers would also pick their crops and thus keep the cost low.


Furthermore, look for a co-op in your neighborhood. Some people would get together and have a collective buying power. So, some items would be cheaper in the co- op. Think of it as you your shop for basics like flour, beans, rice etc.,


Also, do a reverse grocery list. Use your phone notes  to make your grocery list. Look at your cupboards and enter in everything you normally replenish. When you are out put  a notation on your phone, so you know to buy it. This is useful too as you won’t buy things twice.


Check Facebook groups to see if you can trade the food you have – canned goods with someone who has something you may want. Also, there are people who look for bargains and post what they find.  Ask to join the group.


Keep chipping away at your bill, and you will be pleasantly surprised: your health and pocketbook will thank you.









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