Dealing with a Narcissist and Toxic Family Member.

A narcissist is someone who has a great love for himself – period. They may say they love you, but do not believe this for a second. Such people are not able to love in. a normal fashion. This is not positive self-love but selfishness and arrogance and is a disorder. Having people like these can be mentally exhausting, and if someone of the sort exists in your family, then it is necessary to know what to do.

A toxic family member, whether a close one or some far-off aunt that visits often, can drastically affect your personality. It is essential to identify a narcissistic or toxic family member. Have healthy Boundaries. Picture a circle around you where no one gets to enter. Think of yourself as your safe space.

Your mental health matters more than someone so selfish and so into themselves. Toxic family members are just that Toxic. 


Don’t focus much on what they say. People like these have a habit of making others feel less confident. They often criticize others for their flaws and compare themselves with how much better they are. It can be worse if it is a family member, as they may know everything about your past mistakes and failures. They tend to highlight your failures and continuously discuss your flaws, especially in gatherings. Be aware they will stir the pot. Meaning all your past behaviors will be put on display once more. 


 You mustn’t let their words affect you much. You need to be in control of your mind around these people and do not let them break you through their criticism.  Seek out others who have your back and who will defend you. If you cannot do this, then you need to consider being in a safe space where you are not the subject of everyone’s rage. 

 Set limits to how much you let them control you. People who are narcissists tend to make you do things for them. They believe that they deserve whatever they demand. This leads them to ask for favors like it is their right. These people also require attention. They would go as far as they could to order what they wanted or to provoke you for attention.

Thus, you must set limits on how much you let that happen. You can’t control them, but you can undoubtedly control yourself. Therefore, you must draw lines between what is acceptable and what isn’t. Then, keep in mind these limitations and never let yourself or them break these lines. Try to remain in as less contact with these people as you can. Self-care is also mandatory for these people. Be kind to yourself, and do not let the remarks of any person play with your mind.




If you go through any of these: 


  • They accuse you of things that you feel aren’t true.

  • They take joy in putting you down or humiliating you.
  • They charge you of things that you feel aren’t true.

  • Gaslighting is done frequently 
  • Manipulation, too is done frequently. 

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