Dealing with a Narcissist and Toxic Family Member.

First, it is important to identify a narcissistic or toxic family member. If a person around you praises him a lot, prioritizes themselves and makes everyone believe that they are going through the hardest times and everything is unfair to them, congratulations, you have a narcissist. Such people are hard to deal with as you can’t prove them wrong, and you can’t cut ties with them totally as you may still want to be in touch with some family members. Implore them to not tell the toxic one any personal details.

Do not argue with such a person. These kinds of people are too full of themselves to accept that they can be wrong. Telling them that they are wrong wouldn’t do much as they would only focus on proving you otherwise rather than focusing on and accepting their flaws. For them, no one has more knowledge and sense than themselves and going against this is just impossibility. Arguing with them will only drain your energy and stress your mind. Don’t focus much on what they say.

People like these have a habit of making others feel less confident. They often tend to criticize others on their flaws and compare themselves with how much better they are. It can be worse if it is a family member as they may know everything about your past mistakes and failures.

They would tend to highlight your failures and continuously talk about your flaws, especially in gatherings.
So, you must do not let their words affect you much. You need to be in control of your mind around these people and do not let them break you through their criticism. Another good way to deal with this would be by making sure you do not let them know about your mistakes and flaws. Keep your failures hidden from such people.

You need to set limits to how much you let them control you. People who are narcissists tend to make you do things for them. They believe that they deserve whatever they demand. This leads them to ask for favors like it is their right. These people also demand attention. They would go as far as they can to demand for what they want or to provoke you for attention.

Thus, it is necessary for you to set limits for yourself in how much you let that happen. You can’t control them, but you can certainly control yourself. Therefore, you need to draw lines between what is acceptable and what isn’t. Then, keep in mind these limitations and never let yourself, or them break these lines. Try to remain in as less contact with these people as you can. Self-care is also mandatory around these people. Be kind to yourself and do not let the remarks of any person play with your mind.

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