You have probably heard a narcissist does not have feelings. Well, that may be true. They don’t have feelings for YOU. Only themselves. And they do like toying with emotions. Read on

For a narcissist, emotions are like fuel that feeds their sense of power and control. They thrive on provoking reactions from others, seeking out negative emotions like irritation and frustration. The more they can stir up strong emotions in you, the more validation they receive for their manipulative behavior.



Narcissists derive a sick satisfaction from seeing your voice rise with anger or witnessing tears of frustration stream down your face. It confirms to them that they have successfully gotten under your skin and manipulated your emotions for their gain. In these moments, the narcissist feels an immense sense of power and superiority over you.


The cycle continues as they feed off your emotional responses, using them to further bolster their inflated ego. This perpetual need for emotional reaction drives the narcissist’s toxic behavior, leaving those around them feeling drained and emotionally exhausted. In relationships with narcissists, it becomes a dangerous game of emotional manipulation where the stakes are high and the toll on one’s well-being is significant.

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