Four ways to Tell if it is Infatuation

Four ways to tell if is Infatuation.

Perfection vs. individuality

Dr. Dug Y. Lee, a board-certified couple and family psychologist and professor from Bellevue, Washington, explains that infatuation can cause people to view others as flawless or ideal, despite differences..

Love embraces differences as individuality and accepts the partner as a whole.

Lee explains that infatuation might cause you to overlook undesirable characteristics, whereas love is empathetic, kind, and willing to address challenges without denying their existence.

It’s crucial to be aware of the warning signs in a relationship, especially in extreme situations where infatuation can blind us. Ignoring these red flags can lead to abusive relationships, which can have lasting and devastating consequences. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment and always prioritize your safety and well-being.


Craving refers to a strong desire, while satisfaction is the feeling of fulfillment. contentment or fulfillment after achieving something desired.

According to Moore, infatuation can create a feeling of “high” similar to that of a drug.

– Increased excitement or alertness

– Uncontrollable or excessive laughter

– Feeling of expectation or excitement for something to happen

– Strong desire or yearning for something

This could lead you to engage in behaviors that may not be safe for you or others.

Love is often accompanied by feelings of excitement towards the other person. However, true love usually brings contentment in your relationship, without the constant craving for the other person or the anxiety that may arise from uncertainty about their feelings.

Assumptions vs. familiarity

“Infatuation is often based on a shallow understanding of the individual,” explains Dr. Joann Mundin, a board-certified psychiatrist from Sacramento. “When it comes to knowing the person on a deeper level, you may not have a good understanding of them. Most of your knowledge about them is based on their appearance or other superficial aspects.”r the way they behave in a group.”

Love involves intimacy, including knowing private details, witnessing vulnerability, and earning trust.

Planning the future vs. future planning

Mundin also notes that infatuated individuals commonly indulge in fantasies about an ideal future with their love interest.

It’s common to indulge in fantasies about future vacations, children, and achievements without consulting your partner. However, infatuation can sometimes lead to misconceptions about the other person’s feelings. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly to ensure a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Let’s focus on building a strong connection based on mutual understanding and respect.

After establishing a stable relationship, couples in love often discuss practical matters such as career, marriage, and children’s goals together.

Is infatuation the first stage of love?

Infatuation can be the first stage of love, but not everyone experiences infatuation. You can meet someone wonderful without that love-at-first-sight rush.

Mundin emphasizes that infatuation can transform into love, but only if you’re willing to let go of the perfect fantasy and overcome any disappointment that may arise.


According to her, infatuation is a selfish feeling because it makes you feel good to fantasize about the individual, but in reality, they may not be as perfect as you believe. If you are willing to compromise, give, and work things out with the person you are fascinated with, then yes, infatuation can develop into a loving relationship.

In other words, you may have to let go of false expectations to truly fall in love.


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