How Narcissism is Impacting Tough TImes and Our Relationships

How Narcissism is Impacting  Tough Times and Our Relationships

Tough times have had a major impact on our financial and personal lives. This wide-scale disruption to our way of living and behaving is new and daunting. As a result, many of us have begun following the health guidelines and safety regulations put into place by our government.


What about those who aren’t following the rules? While most people consider the impact of their actions on others and strive for the greater good, there is a minority of individuals, called narcissists, who disregard guidelines and even endanger lives.


According to Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. , in her article about narcissistic entitlement and hypocrisy,  she knew we would have an issue flattening the curve. This is because narcissistic people have a set of personality traits that makes it difficult for them to comply with a quarantine. BUt her thoughts can also help us during any tough times

Personality Traits of Narcissists


Typically, narcissists have a lower threshold for empathy. They won’t want to be inconvenienced if the virus does not directly affect them. They might say things like, “Why can’t I go out? I’m not at risk”. They could also say things like “it’s not my problem I have a life to live”. And you can exrapolate this out to the other parts of life  Any great trauma and they are selfish


Other characteristics of narcissists include entitlement and hypersensitivity. Entitlement is especially noticeable during the pandemic. Narcissists think they are entitled to more supplies at the grocery store, preferential treatment, a free pass from quarantine, and even testing and vaccinations when they are asymptomatic.


In addition, they might even display signs of hypersensitivity and claim that the world is out to get them. In their mind, the pandemic is a plot to ruin them. As a result, narcissists’ emotions can come into full force. Oftentimes, this manifests itself as rage towards the people closest to them. It might also display itself as arrogance or blame placing on other individuals.


Impact On Personal Relationships


And when we are caught up with them,  these narcissistic traits can be highly damaging to personal relationships. The narcissist no longer has an outlet to control the world around them. They can’t go out as much, and they feel like they are being attacked. And, this can spell trouble for the people close to a narcissist.


Mental and physical health can suffer due to the actions of a narcissist. Especially if the narcissist thinks they don’t have to follow health regulations. When a narcissist does not comply, they are putting the community at risk, and the people they live with at risk. In addition, emotional abuse and outburst can further hurt the people around the narcissist.


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