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    Drifting into sleep


    **Enhances Sleep Routine:** Integrating the Drift into Sleep video into your nightly routine can enhance your sleep hygiene practices. By setting up a serene sleep environment, this product aids in creating healthy sleep patterns that lead to more restorative slumber.

  • You Matter You are Worthy. Don't Let your Story End Fitted T-Shirt
  • You Matter, You are Worthy. Don't Let your Story End Active T-Shirt
  • Mindful Meditations

    Mindful Meditations


    Build Resilience & Self-Compassion: With Mindful Meditations, you can start to become kinder to yourself in order to build resilience and self-compassion. Take time for yourself each day to pause, reflect on what matters most in life and enjoy moments of peace.

  • Intro to Yoga and Meditations


    This Intro to Yoga and Meditations program is designed to help promote both physical and mental health through the use of yoga poses, breathing methods, and directed meditations. It teaches basic practices that can be used for relaxation, stress relief, improved focus, and overall well-being.


    Intro to Yoga and Meditations program

  • Beginners Meditation


    Improved Focus: With this video, you can learn how to stay focused at the moment and let go of distractions. It will teach you how to quickly get back on track with your tasks and projects using basic mindfulness methods such as guided imagery and silence.


  • Empathy Gratitude


    Improve Mental Clarity: Self-guided meditation video is an excellent way to improve mental clarity. With the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can learn how to focus and practice mindfulness techniques that will help you stay in touch with yourself and the world around you.

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    Brainy Bullet Journal


    Stress Relief: Not only is the Brainy Bullet Journal effective in managing your tasks, but it also helps reduce stress levels. Writing down what needs to be done each day allows for a sense of control over life’s events and gives a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed.




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    Mandala Coloring Book


    Adult coloring books provide an opportunity for adults to explore their creative side while having fun at the same time. Coloring helps unleash your inner artist by providing an outlet for self-expression through color choices, shading techniques, and line work. Not only does this allow adults to explore different styles of artwork, but it also encourages creativity.


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    My Daily Planner


    Stay Organized: This undated hyperlinked and digital daily planner is the perfect tool for staying organized and on top of your day-to-day tasks. With plenty of space to keep track of meetings, appointments, and deadlines, you’ll be able to stay ahead and remain productive.

  • Sale! 15 Mental Health Tips

    15 Mental Health Tips


  • Ease into Yoga


    Ease yoga An entry-level book for those who are new to learning.If you want to the try and get more limber then this little books is for you.