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Keeping your mind active during Menopause

Keeping Your Mind Active During Menopause

We all know that keeping your body active during menopause is important. But what about your mind? As we age, our brains tend to need a little extra help staying sharp and able to do the things we’ve always done. Luckily, there are many ways you can keep your brain in tip-top shape!

Menopause can be one of those pivotal moments that you can use as an opportunity to find out more about who you are and what matters most to you. In fact, just by reading this article, you’ve already started taking steps toward improving yourself and learning more about what lies ahead for you.

It’s a sad fact of life: our mental abilities peak in our late 20s, and from there on out, it’s all downhill. But don’t despair! There’s plenty you can do to keep your mind active and alert well into your golden years.

Despite the fact that this article was written for women going through menopause, the tips below will apply to anyone even if they’re not going through menopause. The principles are the same and highly effective if applied consistently and assiduously.

1.   Exercise

Scientific studies have found that regular exercise during menopause can help relieve many of these symptoms. By raising your heart rate and improving blood flow, physical activity can reduce the severity of hot flashes and improve sleep quality. It also reduces stress levels and improves mood, which helps with sexual function.

In addition to reducing the symptoms of menopause, exercise has other benefits for women going through this transition. For example, it will help you maintain healthy bones by strengthening the muscles around them, making you less prone to injury later in life.

2.   Declutter

Most people don’t think of decluttering as something that can ease menopause symptoms, but it is! Decluttering your space can help boost your mood and make you feel calmer in general. It also helps you get rid of things cluttering up your life and making it harder for you to function at 100%.

3.   Keep a journal / to-do list / calendar

Menopause brings a lot of changes, and it can be hard to navigate them all. One way to keep yourself on track is by keeping a journal, to-do list, or calendar.

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It can be easy to forget what day it is when your sleep schedule is constantly being interrupted by night sweats, and trying to follow a complex to-do list can seem overwhelming in the midst of mind fog. By keeping track of your daily tasks and appointments in one place that you can easily access and update, you can minimize the frustrations you might otherwise experience when it comes time to accomplish them.

4.   Play games

Menopause can be a taxing phase. Who can think about playing games when you have all that to worry about? But trust us, games can help you through this trying stage of life! They help you focus on something else other than what’s going on in your body; they encourage socializing and light hearted banter (even if it’s just with your co-workers over a video game). They encourage competition that helps keep your brain sharp and helps boost self-esteem.


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