How to Make Some Money Selling Your Unwanted Items

How to Make Some Money Selling Your Unwanted Items


moneyThese are not get rich by any means. But we all need a way to get a little more money in our pocket. Here are some ways to do that with your phone and or computer.

Nowadays, there are a few places to sell your unwanted items for some money.  If you have thought about downsizing or ridding yourself of excess things then read on. Your personal space will be better for you when you have room for the things you need and want. So too if you have moved to a smaller place then here are some websites that can give you some cash for your no longer wanted belongings.

First of all, Amazon does not sell only books If you happen to have an old phone tor computer that you no longer need then Amazon can help you sell your phone for cash. Simply sign up for an account and go to the seller section, there you will see the steps for putting your phone for sale. Another website to sell your electronics is Gazelle.

Next, if you would like to sell books to stores for cash. Check out independent booksellers. They will give you cash for books.  Even Amazon has a buy area that will pay you to send in your books using a prepaid label, which they send. Just enter in the ISBN number of the books and you can get cash back when you reach the minimum needed by the site. For instance, some sites will give you two dollars for a book and will only let you send it all in when you reach either ten or twenty dollars.

Lastly, there are few sites that will let you sell your clothes in your closet. If you take a look you may find you have clothing you have not worn in quite awhile. Check out Vinted.com and Threadflip.com. Posh mark too is popular and now they even have a venue for children and babies.  Also, try Craigslist of EBay to sell your outgrown kids clothes or your shoes or bags you no longer need. Both sites let you take pictures of your clothing and upload to their online catalog. Both sites also have a guide to let you know how to price your item.

Now when you need to downsize in all areas of you home, you can simply go online to find the best-fit venue. Remember you should not have to pay to sell your item. And be aware of low ballers once you are online.





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