Malignant Narcissism – Their Patterns

Malignant Narcissism - Their Patterns

Malignant Narcissism.

These individuals can be anyone: toxic friends, family, coworkers. For this article we say partners.

Here are some ways narcissists take control of life.

In an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for their own flaws and shortcomings, covert/ malignant narcissists resort to projecting those negative traits, behaviors, or intentions onto their partners. By doing so, they cunningly deflect blame onto their partner and make others believe that it is the partner who possesses these undesirable qualities. For instance, a covert narcissist may unjustly accuse their partner of being controlling, manipulative, or emotionally unstable when in reality it is the narcissist themselves who exhibit such behavior.

Spreading deceptive tales: Covert and malignant narcissists excel at spreading deceptive tales or rumors about their partners with the intention of damaging their reputation. They skillfully create false narratives, twist the truth, or manipulate occurrences to portray their partner as unfaithful, emotionally unstable, or unreliable. As an example of this behavior, they may circulate rumors suggesting that their partner is involved in cheating or engaging in detrimental behaviors.

It does not stop there, they carry on to friends and family.

Covert narcissists frequently employ calculating tactics to manipulate their social networks, seeking validation for their smear campaign. They carefully choose which distorted facts to disclose to mutual acquaintances, family members, or coworkers, effectively poisoning their perception of their significant other. By magnifying their partner’s imperfections or wrongdoings and minimizing their own role in relationship problems, they skillfully manipulate others’ opinions.


The Smear Campaign

Through a smear campaign, covert narcissists strive to assassinate their partner’s character in order to alienate them from sources of assistance. Their ultimate goal is to foster skepticism and create distance between their partner and their friends, family members, or professional networks, thus impeding their ability to seek allies or obtain aid. This isolation serves as a means for the narcissist to maintain control over their



How to Cope:

  • Not all false accusations or rumors necessitate a response. Carefully evaluate the circumstances and identify the claims that demand your attention, while disregarding those that can be dismissed. Engaging in every argument or striving to refute each allegation might inadvertently empower the narcissist, enabling them to further propagate their smear campaign.
  • Remain steadfast in upholding your principles and ethical standards throughout the entire endeavor. Steer clear of stooping down to the narcissist’s level by circulating rumors, launching personal attacks, or getting entangled in unnecessary drama. Your consistent demeanor and refusal to engage in their manipulative tactics will serve as a powerful testament to your character.
  • In the event of severe circumstances, it might be essential to seek advice from an attorney and investigate legal routes to safeguard your reputation and rights. As defamation regulations differ depending on the jurisdiction, it is advisable to consult with a legal expert to comprehend the available choices and potential actions you can take.





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