Nonverbal Indicators They Hate You

Nonverbal Indicators They Hate You
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Nonverbal Indicators They Hate You

Giveaway Signs Of Hate!

I don’t know the exact context of when Abraham Lincoln in 1835 said “Actions speak Louder than Words”. I’m sure he didn’t have a psychological context behind those words but they precisely fit in for the topic that we’re going to discuss today.

Words may be a primary means of expression, however, our expressions, our gestures & our actions convey the message better than words. They in fact convey the things we often fail to say or don’t want to say. No wonder FBI agents learn body language to study their suspects.

So put your FBI hats on and let’s see some of the non-verbal cues that show if someone secretly hates you.

Eye Contact

How’d you look at someone you hate? I bet your eyes won’t well up with tears. We often avoid eye contact when we hate someone. It’s hard to have normal eye contact with someone you secretly love or hate.

Eyes are a giveaway!

But love has a different way of avoiding eye contact, you’re nervous & shy, may involve a shy awkward smile. Whereas in hate people steal eye contact confidently, with a poker face. If a person avoids eye contact it doesn’t always suppose that they hate you, it’s also possible that they are struggling with anxiety issues.

Another giveaway of hate from eye contact is a constant, stable stare and not a friendly one. The stare itself conveys their hatred towards you.


It’s impossible to fake a genuine smile. You can’t fake a smile and still seem genuine. Both have pretty distinct differences.

While in a conversation with someone who hates you, you’d notice them using fake smiles to hide their hatred. Although it’s pretty clear to distinguish between a fake smile and a genuine one, here’s a pointer to look for.

A genuine smile involves eye muscles, the muscles near the eyes move. A fake smile doesn’t involve any movement of eye muscles, just the lips, and cheeks.


People usually don’t convey their hate, especially when it’s unreasonable or not obvious. They try to hide it from you, besides they miserably fail to do so.

In a conversation you might notice unusual or irrelevant nods and chuckles, just to show that they are engaged in the conversation with you. They simply overdo their nods and chuckles to prove their interest. However, it becomes obvious they’re faking.

Another pointer in the conversations is cold replies. In simple words, rude, one-word replies. You could get these from a person who hates you. They just want to avoid the conversation, so it’s their way to shoo you away.

Don’t jump on to conclusions right after a single conversation, only if you notice this pattern all the time, get a hint.

Body Language

How do you say you love someone with your body language? An exciting wave to say hi! A set of wide open arms? Or a soft touch? Not a perverse touch but a warm touch.

These welcoming and open body language indicate love. On the contrary, the body language signs that are closed, like keeping distance, crossing legs, looking away, and avoiding touch, indicate despise.


Mirroring shows love. When you love someone, you involuntarily adopt their habits. Such as their tone, their choice of words, foods of their choice, and many other things. Your way of doing things shows you both like each other.

And when there is hate between people, or when someone hates you, they’ll try to avoid doing things the way you do. Or simply do the opposite of things you do or say.

Find all or most of these signs to confirm that they hate you.

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