On Respect – Dr. Arthur Dorbin

On Respect - Dr. Arthur Dorbin

Self-respect requires respecting others.


1. There can be no respect without self-respect.

There can be no self-respect without respecting others.

2. Respect honors the uniqueness of each person.

Allow each other the right to make his or her own decisions.

3. Nourish, encourage, cooperate:

These are the ways to respect.

4. Honesty, kindness, respect:

These are the paths to the sacred.

5. When you value the important things, you respect yourself.

By respecting others you find value in yourself.

6. Resentment hinders self-respect.

Therefore, self-respect requires quieting the fires of resentment.

7. Here is the source of self-respect:

Hold yourself to your highest self.

8. Self-respect begins with accepting responsibility for yourself.

Responsibility includes acting responsibly in the larger world.

9. Self-respect and respect for others go hand-in-hand.

Respect others and they will respect you.

10. Respect is the foundation of a good society.

From respect flows consideration.

11. From considerations flows justice.

Justice is the basis of a good society.

Arthur Dobrin, DSW, is Professor Emeritus of University Studies, Hofstra University and Leader Emeritus, Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island. He is the author of more than 25 books, including The Lost Art of Happiness and Teaching Right from Wrong.

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