120 Emotion Prompts


By using the 120 Emotion Prompts, you can enhance your emotional intelligence, improve your communication skills, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others.



Please remember that all our workbooks were created by mental health coaches and intended to be a self-help tool. However, if you feel that you need additional assistance, it is recommended that you reach out to a healthcare professional.

10 reviews for 120 Emotion Prompts

  1. Sally A.

    The “120 Emotion Prompts” journal is incredibly insightful. The prompts have helped me enhance my emotional intelligence and improve my communication skills significantly. It’s a fantastic tool for gaining a deeper understanding of myself and others.

  2. Amanda E.

    This journal is great for self-reflection. The prompts are thought-provoking and have helped me better understand my emotions. I’ve noticed an improvement in my ability to communicate my feelings more clearly and effectively.

  3. Ashley M.

    The “120 Emotion Prompts” journal has been transformative for my emotional intelligence. The prompts encourage deep introspection and have helped me develop a better understanding of my emotions and how to express them. Highly recommended!

  4. Ryan A.

    Using this journal has improved my communication skills. The prompts are well-designed to help explore and articulate emotions. It’s been a valuable tool for personal growth and understanding others better.

  5. Harper F.

    This journal has helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. The 120 prompts guide me through various emotional landscapes, making it easier to recognize and articulate my feelings. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to improve their emotional intelligence.

  6. Jessica D.

    The “120 Emotion Prompts” journal is useful and thought-provoking. It’s helped me become more aware of my emotions and how they affect my interactions with others. A great tool for personal development.

  7. Nathan S.

    This journal is a must-have for anyone interested in personal growth. The emotion prompts are insightful and have helped me enhance my emotional intelligence. I’ve become better at understanding and expressing my emotions.

  8. Mike W.

    The journal encourages deep emotional exploration. The prompts are varied and cover a wide range of emotions, helping me reflect on my feelings and improve my emotional communication. It’s been very beneficial for my self-awareness.

  9. Billie S.

    The “120 Emotion Prompts” journal is highly effective. The prompts are designed to help you delve into your emotions and understand them better. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my emotional intelligence and communication skills since using it.

  10. Johnson L.

    While I find the journal helpful, I think the prompts could be more diverse. Some of them feel repetitive. However, it’s still a good tool for enhancing emotional intelligence and improving communication skills.

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