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Self Affirmations Flash Cards


Improve Your Daily Mindset: Our Self-Affirmation Cards are designed to positively enhance your daily thoughts and emotions. By consistently using these cards, you train your brain to adopt a more optimistic outlook, which can significantly improve your overall mental wellbeing.


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Pastel Colors Self Affirmations Cards. 16 cards to print and use as you want. Please keep them in books on the fridge or side table. Something to remind you how wonderful you are.


5 pages total
– 8 cards per page
– Each card measures about 3.3 x 2.5 inches
– 1 PDF file


40 Cards to help you start your life in a new direction. Use the card in any order. Just print and shuffle. Turn one over every day for inspiration. And keep them on your desk or fridge for extra views. Get one for yourself and anyone else you think may need a boost.

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