Quick Exercises to Do Between Zoom Calls.

Mindfulness Exercises to Practice.

Quick Exercises to do Between Zoom Calls.

Work from home and Zoom meetings are new routines. In this pandemic, situation Zoom calls gaining popularity. We will have to spend hours working and have to attend back to back calls and meeting on Zoom. So in this situation, we didn’t have time for the workout and exercise.


Sometimes yoga meetings are boring, and you feel you need to do something in this time. Workout at that time is the best option for you. Here I will guide you on the different types of exercises you can easily do between your Zoom calls and meeting.


Warm up or cardio warm up.


You can do anything while Zoom call to warm up your body, like jogging in place, jumping, or what you want. Warm-up did not affect your meeting as you listen through your ears and understand through the mind, and warm up did not need to focus on the body. The warm up helps you in maintaining the body’s metabolism and burning the extra calories and toxins.


Legs workouts:



No workout is complete without exercise of the legs and muscles of the lower body part. Mostly zoom calls are on the audio so you can focus on your practice. For legs exercise, you can do squats or deadlifts.

The best exercise for the lungs is to take off the breath for 10 to 15 seconds and easily do it during your call. It helps you breathe in and out of the fresh air.

Ladder wall-sit posture is also the best workout that you can do during your Zoom call, and it also does not affect your breath or voice.


Abs workout



The abs workout is not easy. Let it be clear it requires a lot of effort and work to do regularly. But if you give you 10 minutes between your Zoom calls, you don’t need to do any other exercise later.

To do Abs workout, challenge yourself by setting the goals like 100 sit ups or push-ups in a fixed time like 10 minutes. If your speed is slow on the first-day do not worry it will increase with time, and you will get shocking results.


Yoga exercises.



Yoga needs your full attention on your body. So make a routine to do yoga exercise in a fixed part of the day. Try to finish your day with stretch-out training as you spent a long time sitting on the computer and having stiff muscles. So stretching out helps you in relaxing.


Final thoughts. 



Everyone faces health and wellness issues in this pandemic situation as they have long schedules for Zoom meetings and calls. Not only sanitary workers but students are also going through it. They have back to back zoom classes, chats catch up etc.,  and do not have time for a workout.  The best option is  to do  exercise between Zoom calls.



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