Seven Tips for Maintaining Your Home Office.

Working from home had become common in the past few years. Some people were telecommuters long before the Pandemic hit. Now as more people are needing or wanting to work from home, it is necessary for employees to set up a small office or workplace.

That said, home offices can get messy quickly!  Numerous things can happen in home/ work space: think Pets, children, personal phone etc., Keeping your cool and being organized can have you ahead of the game.

1) How to Organize your Workplace.

Cleaning and Organizing your workspace is necessary. And In fact, you can start the process by a simply going around and removing things you have not used in two years. Two-year-old electronics for instance are not up to par with today’s technology. So, your old laptop can help someone else.

Make bins for give away, keep for others and keep. Then think of ways to downsize the area where you will work. Do you really need ten pens from your favorite restaurant?

Then after you have what you need, start putting things where they belong pens in unused mugs or glass, documents in labeled files then files in the cabinet.  Extra cables/wires in a separate box, etc.

2) Invest in your workspace.

If you have a budget, you should invest in some of the things that can help you keep your place clean and tidy.  For example, buy a couple of wall shelves that can hold all your books and Knick knacks.  Consider investing in bins so you can hide the unnecessary things right away.
A few mugs or glasses that you never used can hold your pens/pencils, highlighters, and it won’t cost you. This can keep your desk looking more organized and cleaner.

3) Take time to empty the bins.

You’ll be amazed to see how clean your workspace can be if you make it a habit to clean all your office bins at the end of every working day. We often underestimate this part for weeks, and the next thing we come across a container full of papers giving the whole place an untidy look. Don’t forget about your unwanted items. Make time to recycle or give away those items as well.

4) Take time to clean the drawers and cabinets.

Make a habit of Cleaning your drawers and cabinets once a week. You can get rid of files and papers that are not useful anymore. Throw away the documents that are no longer useful. It will help you stay organized and make it easy for you to find files.

5) Hide all the wires.

Hiding the wires in your workspace makes your desk area instantly neat. Also, it will give a very professional look Your Zoom calls are going to look so much better now 
Use a surge protector so that all your wires come from the same place, and all cords get charged in the same outlet.

6) Create and Follow the “No food” Rule.

There is nothing worse than bringing food in to your home office. You are never too busy to take a 20 Minute lunch or dinner break away from your workspace.
Eating at the work desk is not only unhygienic, but it also leaves food crumbs, greasy stains, and gross fingerprints. Food can get stuck in the tables’ edges, and within the keyboard. Your workspace can become very smelly and untidy if not cleaned soon.

7) Weekly maintenance.

Treat your home office the way it should be treated: weekly maintenance is a must.
● Hand vacuum your chair and the floor around your desk.
● Dust lightly once a week or as needed.
● Wipe your monitor.
● Empty garbage cans.

Now you are ready for the Zoom call.

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