Seven Tips to Keep your Home Clean.

If you are one of those who hate cleaning, we have some quick tips to help you. We are just like you who wants to spend a whole day cleaning?

1) Make the bed every day.

It may seem like nothing, but an unmade bed makes a big difference. First sight of an made bed makes you feel that the whole house may be untidy.   A freshly made bed makes the room seem less cluttered. And for some reason it makes you feel good. Stretching and fitting the sheets or duvet will take less than five minutes, give it a try.

2) Wash the dishes after every meal.

There is nothing like showing disorder and dirt in the house when walking into the kitchen and seeing the sink full of dirty pans, plates, and pots, with food remains – UGH. Do it after every meal. While you dine, keep the sink filled with soapy water. You can put the dishes in to soak. Clear the table, clear the countertop, put all in the dishwasher. Make family members chip in and have them wash dishes and pots twice a week. In the morning, when you enter the kitchen you will be happy.

3) Dry the bathroom after showering.


Wipe the drops and on the mirror, the shower screen, or the taps immediately. For some reason they make the bathroom look dirty. If you leave a microfiber cloth and a squeegee on hand then wipe them. Do the same after using the sink.  This method  will stay “clean” for longer.

4) Ventilate.

A fundamental aspect of cleaning the house is to ventilate it regularly. Ventilate the bedroom while you make the bed. Open the window in the bathroom while you shower. In winter open it slightly to let fresh air in.  It takes ten minutes to renew the air in a room, and the house will always smell clean.

5) Worst first.

If you don’t like cleaning, start with whatever. takes less time.  Use the two-minute method. Work for two minutes straight. Clean and organize an area for a full two minutes. It may be in any room . You will feel a sense of accomplishment if you see an area done.

Don’t go for the largest room. Or for the one that you dread. Take it step by step. Once you have some part of the room ready, the rest will become more bearable.

And while you clean, organize.  Put everything to its place, do not leave it on the table or a shelf where it does not belong. In the end, not only will everything be clean but also be its rightful place.


6) From top to bottom.

Another trick to make cleaning your home faster and easier is to do it from top to bottom. That means dusting. Then you sweep and then you do mopping. Go from room to room using this technique. When you are done you will be on the lower floor. Again, ask family members to pitch in.


7) Some hacks to help with sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.


If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it instead of the broom: you will raise less dust, and you will have to clean the furniture less often. Don’t forget to vacuum between the cushions and under the chairs.

If you don’t have this appliance, try wrapping the broom in a nylon stocking or sock: it generates static electricity and will allow you to attract lint and dust particles more easily in a single pass.

If you want you can get paper towels or an old towel to “mop” areas.


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