Sounds to Heal Difference Between Music or Noise

The collection of different frequencies in a sound becomes either music or noise. If the frequencies are in order, pleasant to listen and touch the emotions, a sound becomes music; otherwise, it is merely noise. The vibration in an object causes sound, which travels through a medium such as air, water, or solid. Whereas a noise is also sound, it is not in order and unpleasant to the human ear. However, music is an array of ordered tones that, as a result, produces an incorporated composition. Such music can be produced by various instruments such as melody, harmony, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, tempo, and texture.

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It is also important to mention that some sounds are healing and mindful of improving physical and mental health. Such examples include Solfeggio Frequencies, binaural beats, Schumann Resonance, Theta Healing, audio-guided experiences, and sound meditation. This particular type of music is different from other types of music as it is specific to a listener and stimulates emotional, physical, and mental responses. This type of mindful music is gaining popularity in the wellness industry.

There is a range of frequencies that a human ear can listen to, ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. A human ear cannot hear the waves outside of this range. However, it can be responsive to the human brain. For example, the waves used in 5G technology cannot be heard by ear but can have a negative impact on the human brain. However, such waves can be used positively and positively to serve the wellness industry. There are different ways to employ inaudible vibrations, noise, and mindful sounds in the wellness industry. Some of them are discussed below.


Sounds to Heal


  • The first method starts with random noise that gradually transforms into music. Nicholas Jaar is famous for his work which starts from a tone, transforms that into warble then finally transforms into a rhythm.
  • You can integrate Solfeggio Frequencies into layers and pads that drag you into a state of bliss, peace, and good vibes. Such frequencies are also linked to meditation music which was first used by a Gregorian monk for inner healing.
  • Also, you can layer Schumann Resonance with low-end equipment such as bass and kick. The important thing about Schumann Resonance is that it resonates at Earth’s frequency which has wellness benefits.
  • In addition, use Binaural beats, which are actually acoustic illusions with numerous wellness and health benefits. It works with two frequencies under 1000Hz, and the difference between the two frequencies should not be less than more than 30Hz.
  • Try to layer sounds with organic qualities from produced from real equipment. You can use reversed gong hit as a riser or gradual resonance of a crystal singing bowl in this method.
  • And you can create your meditation music by using something that can bring the body into a state of peace by blending any of the above methods.
  • Remember to explore numerous meditation practices, such as sitting in silence for 10 minutes and observing the sound that comes from a surface.


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