Stress-Free Beauty Tips During COVID-19

Skincare and makeup not only make you look good but also increase your positivity and confidence. Makeup is an art that allows women to freely express themselves. But during COVID-19 times, jobs are lost, salaries are cut, people are working from homes, and everyone’s feeling lonely and isolated. Depression rates have skyrocketed over the last few months, and these are stressful times for all. At such times, it’s easy to ignore skincare and beauty. However, it’s not wise to sulk and let the unfortunate times take a toll on your beauty.

Since face masks keep most of your facial features covered, here are a few beauty tips that can keep you glowing even during COVID-19. While it’s not safe to go to parlours and spas due to the risk of infection, you can try these tips at home.

Beauty TipsWear Eye-Makeup: Since the lower part of the face stays covered under the mask, women are concentrating more on their eyes to express their beauty. Kajal, eye shadows, and eyeliners have become extremely popular these days. Graphic liners and colorful lashes can be selected as per your outfit or the color of your mask. Light makeup can be applied above the mask line, but avoid applying any cosmetics on the area that stays covered under the mask. Your skin needs some space to breathe, and covering it with a double layer of makeup and mask can make it dull and lead to acne and infections.

Choose the Right Mask: Try switching to masks made of natural silk, cotton, and bamboo that stay soft on your skin. The ear loops of the mask should not irritate your skin or cause skin burns or rashes. Wash your mask regularly and sanitize it properly. Masks made of these materials do not let aerosol particles and particles to pass through. Masks made of spandex, polyester, and wool can lead to excess dirt, sweat, and oil to accumulate on your skin, thereby leading to breakouts around your cheeks, jaw, mouth, and chin. This problem is so widespread that it has got its own term recently, maskne.

Skincare: If you wear your mask all day, then skin dryness and chapping can be a common occurrence for you, especially on the mask covered area of your face. Hence, it is extremely important to maintain a strict CTM routine both day and night. Take frequent mask breaks every now and then and spray a little moisture mist on your face before wearing the mask again. Maintain good hygiene and cleanliness, especially if you wear a mask for long periods.

Moisturize: During this time, the serums, creams, and moisturizers that you use should be rich in hyaluronic acid. It is an effective ingredient that can prevent skin flaking from mask covered areas. Drink 8-10 glasses of water, soup, juice, coconut water, and other water-rich foods every day. Proper hydration will not only keep your skin glowing, but also prevent the production of excess oil.

Beauty TipsWhile the pandemic is not going to go overnight, the way you make yourself up has changed significantly. Lipstick sales have dived down and demand for foundations has also reduced. Go for oil-free formulations that do not feel too heavy under the mask. The trend is to accentuate makeup on the eyes, and many women have already learned how to groom their eyebrows on their own.

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