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As they say, each person is a world. However, various studies on human personality have revealed that it can be classified into several types. Next, we tell you what they are and how each of them is described.


A study with the help of Big data

Personality is something on which numerous analyses have been made and from which we can always learn. One of the latest personality studies to have been conducted is that of North-western University.

Major conclusions have been drawn from it that are worth looking at carefully. What is new about this study is that it has used the help of Big data, so researchers have used information from 1.5 million respondents around the world. Between 44 and 300 questions and have been answered by volunteers.

The research team has relied on the five basic dimensions of personality to analyze all the information and these results. These are accepted in psychology and are the following: neuroticism, extraversion, openness to new experiences, kindness, and responsibility.


Thus, the results after analyzing the information collected during the research were carried out. It has been determined that all people have one of these four personalities: average, reserved, egocentric, or role model.

The average personality

On the one hand, some are considered average people. These are usually more neurotic, that is, they have a greater tendency to mood swings and are more outgoing.

However, the study determines that they are not usually individuals open to new ideas and experiences. This means that there is little curiosity in them to seek new experiences and learn.

More women than men are found in this group, researchers have found. It is also the most repeated type of personality and in which a greater number of individuals fit.


The reserved personality

In the case of individuals classified as reserved, it is appreciated that they are more emotionally stable and have a lower dose of neurosis.

These people are also not especially open to new or acquiring new experiences. They are not extroverts, but they are pleasant to others since they are usually people who inspire confidence.


The Model Personality

As for the group made up of the considered models, they are not very neurotic people. The most common is that it is integrated by adults and with a high degree of maturity, so it increases as the person’s own age increases.

They tend to be open to new ideas and inspire confidence in others, making it a positive trait. They are also responsible people who know how to take charge of things at all times.


The egocentric personality

Then there are the self-centered people. These have a fairly high score in terms of extraversion. However, they are not at all open to new experiences and are usually not friendly, making it an unattractive profile that generates rejection.

This group usually includes mainly adolescent males. Thus, in the study, they appear overrepresented in the self-centered group, while girls over the age of fifteen have a smaller presence.


The good part of all this is that the personality is not something immutable, but it evolves with the passage of time and as responsibilities and experience are acquired. In this way, individuals can move from one group to another as they evolve.


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