Three Little Habits to Find Focus


he internet is an extraordinary tool. It allows us to find tons of information, it’s easy to browse and use, but it can also bring in lots of distractions. That’s especially true when it comes to something like social media. All those notifications and status updates end up disturbing us, to the point where we become less productive. And that’s a problem because it ends up affecting our performance and focus.

It’s very important to find a way that helps us enjoy the benefits provided by the Internet without dealing with these downfalls. The idea to not be distracted is something that was important even for the ancients, starting with Aristotle, Lao Tzu and many others.

While it can be difficult to find out how to do that, the reality is that there’s always a method you can use. It all comes down to making the most out of these 3 habits. Start implementing them today, and it will make quite the difference in your daily life.

Create a time limit

A good way for you to eliminate distractions is to set a time limit. The idea is to set a goal, and then you must set a time limit for it. That time limit can be anything from 20 minutes to 8 hours or anything like that. The reason why you want to have a time limit is that it boosts your focus, and it encourages you to force yourself to reach that true potential and next level.

You’ll notice that whenever you are within a time crunch, your mind removes distractions automatically. You get to focus a lot more, since you don’t have unlimited time to do a certain task. Yes, doing this will make things better for you, and it will eliminate distractions naturally. It’s possible to use this approach for everything, be it replying to emails, writing an article or anything like that.

Close unnecessary tools and apps

When you have other apps open, you will find yourself gravitating towards them. If you don’t need to be online, close your browser. If you need to finish your work, and you’re not writing email, close the email program. Close any reminders and notifications, social media apps and so on. You can also save stuff to a service like Instapaper that allows you to read things later. Close unnecessary apps and tools, then you will become a lot more productive.

Take a short break before tackling other tasks

If you closed everything, completed a task and just want to move on, then it makes a lot of sense to check those social sites for a few seconds. This will help a lot, since it will help you get the boost of info you need. But use that as a motivator at the end of a task. It will actually help more than imagine. Taking a short break like this can bring in a major advantage.


Use these 3 tricks, and you will find yourself focusing a lot more on your tasks. It’s the best way to tackle distractions, and you will appreciate the results. Plus, this will make it easier for you to stay productive eventually. Try to adapt and adjust these ideas to your style, and results can be great every time!


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