Why Verbal Abuse Is So Dangerous by Ms. Peg Streep

“Tough love” and “discipline” are often just rationales for maltreatment

Photograph by Allef Vinicus. Copyright free. Unsplash
Source: Photograph by Allef Vinicus. Copyright free. Unsplash

Of all the adages, there’s none I dislike more than this one: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never harm me.”

I’ll readily admit that I’m not an embroidered-with-a-proverb tea cozy gal nor am I given to fridge magnets with faux positive thoughts, but this one really galls me because 1) it couldn’t be less true and 2) many people actually believe it. This saying reinforces the cultural thought that words are just words and that verbal abuse is nothing more than a rather benign or very distant cousin of physical abuse. Again, that is simply not true.


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Peg Streep