Why you Should Treat Yourself to a Massage


Working from home lately? Scrunching shoulders, sitting for hours, craning necks in front of the desks, trying to look your best ton those Zoom calls.  The n of course the trips for errands – long hours of being stuck in traffic have become a part of our daily routines. With such a monotonous lifestyle this can cause muscle tension patterns and chronically tweaked muscles that have a downward impact on both our physical and mental health.

Going to the spa is not just a pampering treatment but it is also essential for health and well-being. Massages help in metabolizing fat cells, improving overall skin tone. Drawing out toxins from the body and stimulates collagen.

Spa massages are a simple solution to your problem! It helps people get rid of muscle sprains and tensions, acute stress and anxiety, digestive disorders, circulatory and respiratory disorders, insomnia, inflammatory ailments, and injuries.

Remember these health benefits if you ever feel guilty about receiving a massage!

Here are the different types of massages.

Swedish-massage is Beginner’s Friendly!

For people new to massage, a Swedish massage is the best way to relax and get rid of slight body pains. In contrast, the Deep tissue massage requires additional pressure to extend deeper into muscles and tendons and reduce excessive muscle tension and chronic pains.

Deep Tissue Massage Is Comforting.

A combination of both the Swedish and the deep tissue massage is the triggering point massage that targets the area that causes discomfort.

The warmth due to the hot stone massage is so relaxing and also helps reduce muscle strains.

Shiatsu and Thai Massages.

If you suffer from insomnia and nausea, this Japanese technique, shiatsu massage, is therapeutic. The aromatherapy massage, scented plant oils help to relax, uplift, energize, fight digestive disorders, insomnia, acute stress, etc. If you are a yoga enthusiast, Thai massage is something that you are looking for.

In these times massages and well-being are what matters. Be good to yourself.


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