Work From Home Tips to Make Life Easier.

Here are some timely  tips compiled from a few work from home “veterans” who have been there done that!

Hope you find some of them helpful to you as you transition to this new work format.



  • Ensure you have a high-speed internet connection. If possible, and if a factor in your internet service, try to limit the number of internet connections from your home during your business hours.
  • Setup a specific work station/area within your home. It seems to help productivity to “report” to your office/work area.
  • Make your work at home office set up as ergonomically as possible, so you don’t injure yourself.
  • Use a noise cancelling headset.
  • Setup a system to indicate to others who may be in the home when you are on the phone.


  • Keep your Outlook calendar updated so that others may schedule time efficiently.
  • Keep Skype and or Zoom open and ready.

Connections (the human ones!)

  • Try not to schedule meetings around known “noisy” times (i.e. gardeners, trash collection, etc.).
  • Utilize video chat when appropriate and acceptable to all parties. Try to pre-notify video so that all parties are ready.
  • Attend company/group meetings as much as possible. Helps to keep aware of company news.
  • Reach out to colleagues/management on a regular cadence to stay in touch and collaborate.
  • Always respond to requests to advise status (i.e. got it, in progress; troubleshooting, etc.).
  • Please keep in touch with your IT Team/partner on issues, concerns, ideas on polishing the work from home experience.

Health and wellbeing

  • Get ready for your day, it helps with productivity and attitude.
  • Schedule a regular “lunch”. Stretch your legs and try to get your steps in throughout the day.
  • Be sure to close up shop at the end of the day. Get away from the PC!

Otherwise, enjoy traffic free, no icy roads work commuting!


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