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Almost all of us have loved a toxic person at one point or another in our lives.

People who suffer from personality disorders are our parents, siblings, life partners, and even our children. We love them deeply, but they can inflict major damage on us as they work out their sense of entitlement, need for admiration, inability to take criticism, and dismissal of our feelings.

We have compassion.


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Loving an abusive person can cause the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including hypersensitivity, avoidance of triggering experiences, anxiety, and depression. Without addressing the pain inflicted by these types, the damage can fester, causing a lifetime of pain.

At Fitness Hacks, we set in motion the healing path by providing inspiring content highlighting mental and physical fitness hacks for holistic health. We bring in guest experts, including psychologists and other mental health professionals, to share their best professional advice as we guide our readers to recovery.

Our supportive community is here  Our forum offers a safe space in which to find validation, encouragement, and camaraderie as we each recover from our unhealthy relationships and build healthy boundaries and a better life.

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The Blog

How to Identify Belittling Behavior and to Stop it By Felicia Lin, M.A., Applied Psychology. 

The definition of “belittle” can be easily surmised from the two words that it is made up of, “be” […]

I Can Spot a Narcissist on the First Date. Here’s How By Anja Vojta MSc

You can develop a sixth sense, too.   Photo by Hudson Marques: After more than a decade of dating […]

Neglect Is Never Benign By Dr. Barton Goldsmith

Neglect is hurtful and abusive in many circumstances, especially with children.   The expression “benign neglect” means that neglect, […]

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Fitness Hacks For Life

Fitness Hacks For Life ( is an online platform that curates, and with appropriate recognition, provides articles from Psychologist and qualified professionals on various topics related to Mental Health and Well Being and presents those articles online on the blog to the browsing public via our primary web site.

Due to the wealth of information provided, visitors to the site are also able to become familiar with qualified professionals in their fields based on their writings, highlighting any areas of specialization and/or particular strengths.

Should a visitor determine that they wish to pursue a deeper level of care or therapy, the familiarity of care providers gained from their browsing of the site may help guide visitors to the provider who seems to be the best fit for their needs. We set in motion a path to help and bring about a better mindset.

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