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Almost all of us have loved a toxic person at one point or another in our lives.

People who suffer from personality disorders are our parents, siblings, life partners, and even our children. We love them deeply, but they can inflict major damage on us as they work out their sense of entitlement, need for admiration, inability to take criticism, and dismissal of our feelings.

We have compassion.

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Loving an abusive person can cause the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, including hyper sensitivity, avoidance of triggering experiences, anxiety, and depression. Without addressing the pain inflicted by these types, the damage can fester, causing a lifetime of pain.

At Fitness Hacks, we set in motion the healing path by providing inspiring content highlighting mental and physical fitness hacks for holistic health. We bring in guest experts, including psychologists and other mental health professionals, to share their best professional advice as we guide our readers to recovery.

Our supportive global community and private chat forum offers a safe space in which to find validation, encouragement and   camaraderie as we each recover from our unhealthy relationships and build healthy boundaries and a better life.

Meditations and More

Vipassana Meditation

An Introduction To Yoga

Intro To Yoga And Mental Wellbeing

Positive Vibes

You may not be ready for counseling, yet you know you need to reach out for help. We want to build a community ready to receive you with open arms when you want to take the first steps toward recovery. When you are ready for counseling, we can help you find the right professional to help meet your unique needs.

Hack your way to health and wellness here. Your healing journey starts today!

Remember, we are not a stand in for your Doctor or Health Professional. If needed  reach out to 911 in the USA.

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We carry a range of e -planners to organize and keep life tidy. Playful, cheerful designs that you won’t find anywhere else. We have videos to learn meditation or to just learn to breathe better. And we now have meditation books. Stay tuned. All our journals and notebooks will be available for instant download.

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