How to Know if Someone Likes You.

How to Know if Someone Likes You.

It is human nature that everyone wants to be liked by others, and this is also why most people get conscious of whether they are liked or disliked by others. Here we will discuss some of the factors that can give an idea of whether you are liked or disliked.



One of the misconceptions is that most people are shy, and normally they do not express their likeness. They can be poor socially or under some kind of stress; their minds can be occupied and busy. So, it never means that they dislike you. However, there are cases where people seriously do not like you. For example, if a relationship or friendship is genuine, both people will be relaxed and content, whereas, in a fake relationship, the other person will have to give, for example, a phony smile. A fake smile can be detected through the eyes and teeth of the person.

Another sign that people do not like you can be analyzed through eye contact. If a person likes you, it means that the person interested in you will listen to you carefully. However, if the person starts looking down or looking around, that person is not interested in hearing from you. But there is also a sign of looking firmly in the eyes that can confuse you, which can also signify aversion. Similarly, feet direction is another indication, and if a person, while talking to you, has feet in another direction, it means that the person wants to move away from you.


In the same manner, in a genuine relationship or friendship, people like to interact and engage with each other. However, if another person is answering you with one word, he is not interested in conversation and wants to move away. This is also a sign of dislike. If the person keeps checking the time during conversation or talks only about himself/ herself, it might also signify aversion. The feeling of being disliked by someone is sad especially when you have honest intentions at heart. If your friend does not initiate contact, or conversation or is too busy to spend time with you, and it is a clear sign that your friendship is not moving forward.



Similarly, if there is a plan, but there is flakiness at the last moment or during a conversation, and a friend of yours keeps interrupting you, it means you are disliked. Because in a healthy and good friendship, friends remain relaxed, like to listen to others, and stick to their plans. At the same time, there is another sign, which includes making fun regularly and forcing you to do things that you normally dislike. You must notify either they talk to you when you are in a group because if your friend does not speak to you in a group, your friend does not want others to know that you are their friend. This behavior is also at the workplace, and if your colleagues stop talking when you enter a room or become competitive, it means they do not like you.


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