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Do you struggle with “overreactions”? Do you avoid confrontation? Are you quick to fear, anger, or resentment? Are you struggling to let go of people or memories and feeling stuck in the past? You Are Not Alone. So many of us are stuck in suffering after loving an abusive person.

Why We Created Fitness Hacks For Life

Fitness Hacks for Life was created to help those dealing with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, such as anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity, and avoidance behaviors. While these responses stem from trauma and pain, without help, they can spread throughout all the avenues of our lives. Our site was created to offer inspirational content and information so that a life of happiness, peace, and safety could be found.

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Personal Growth Through Holistic Healing

Our mission is to create a path of holistic healing with inspiring, informative, and illuminating content. Our company was designed to make experts’ advice accessible so that we may learn and grow, putting a new foot forward to a life free of pain.


What We Offer

Expert Advice: We provide professional articles from psychologists and mental health professionals.

Camaraderie: Our readers are all on their own road to recovery, but by connecting, we benefit from love, understanding, and endless support.

Simple Ways To Heal: Self-help can seem daunting, which is why Fitness Hacks offers just that– hacks. One way to simplify and ease the healing process is to take it one step at a time.


Join Our Growing Community

Our community is full of others just like you. Fitness Hacks’ forum is a safe space where like-minded individuals can share their struggles, recovery, and humanity. Heal from unhealthy relationships and learn to create a better life and healthy boundaries with people who have been where you are. Together, we can grow, move beyond what’s happened to us, and become whole/healed.


Identifying Narcissistic Abuse

Fitness Hacks offers a free online abuse dictionary for those who want to learn the signs of narcissism or need tools to identify emotionally abusive relationships.

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You understand and acknowledge: You should always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers With any questions or concerns.