1. Feelings can come on fast, but we can learn to manage and regulate them with the right mindset. Infatuation hits with an out-of-this-world intensity. You saw them, and you knew you had to have them. Love at first sight. The feelings didn’t grow and develop over time, which happens with love. They were almost instantaneous.

2. Quick-Lived
Infatuations or crushes are typically characterized by intense feelings of attraction that often dissipate within a few months. In contrast, love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can persist forever, even if the relationship ends. The depth of feelings associated with love can vary depending on the circumstances. Still, the underlying emotions, such as care, affection, and devotion, endure over time and can continue to shape our lives long after the object of our affection has moved on.

3. Sees Perfection
With crushes and infatuation, it is more about the idea of the person than the person. Maybe you would look great together as a couple, or one or both of you have a certain status in the community or a high income. The mind creates and envisions the perfect life together, and the happily ever after with Prince Charming.

4. Crazy or Irrational Behaviour
When someone develops a crush, it can trigger a range of intense emotions that can sometimes lead to problematic behavior, such as stalking, excessive jealousy, and obsessive thoughts. These feelings can be so overwhelming that they may lead to risky actions and irrational decision-making, which can have severe consequences for the individual and those around them.

5. Based on Appeal
Crushes are often based strictly on physical attributes since you don’t know the “real” person, and there is nothing else to go on except what you created in your head. Infatuation begins because you find them beautiful or hot and strongly desire the person. Usually, the crush is someone who is out of reach for you.

6. Limerences

A brief moment of immense attraction. Happens almost immediately

Limerence is a phenomenon that can influence individuals of all genders and ages. It is possible for a person to develop limerent feelings towards someone who is of a gender that they are not typically attracted to. They may feel a profound connection with this person that surpasses any attraction they have ever experienced before.t surpasses any attraction they have ever experienced before.

A 2015 study stated that limerence may have an association with attachment disorders, which are behavioral conditions that cause a person to experience difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

Researchers have noted that individuals with limerence may be affected by insecure attachment styles, which are patterns of behavior displayed when interacting with close relationships.


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