Do Chiropractors Help Patients With Headaches? Dr. Matthew Dunn

Do Chiropractors Help Patients With Headaches? Dr. Matthew Dunn

This seems like an easy question to answer, doesn’t it? The answer of course being is YES!!! However, there are many people who suffer from headaches who have never been to a chiropractor or have not even ever considered it as a “good option.”

So, rather than having me “reassure you” that chiropractic works GREAT for headache management, let’s look at the scientific literature to see if “they” (the scientific community) agree or not.

A 2011 meta-analysis reviewed journals published through 2009 and found 21 articles that met specified inclusion criteria and used the results to develop treatment recommendations. Researchers discovered there is literature support for the utilization of chiropractic care for the treatment of migraine headaches of either episodic or chronic migraine.

Similarly, the analysis found support for the chiropractic treatment of cervicogenic headaches, or headaches arising from the neck region. In addition, joint mobilization (the “non-cracking” type of neck treatment such as figure eight stretching and manual traction) or strengthening of the deep neck flexor muscles may improve symptoms in those suffering from cervicogenic headaches as well. The literature review also found low-load craniocervical mobilization may be helpful for longer term management of patients with episodic or chronic tension-type headaches where manipulation was found to be less effective.

Okay, we realize this is all fairly technical, so sorry about that. But, it is important to “hear” this so when people ask you why are going to a chiropractor for your headaches, you can say that not only that it help a lot, but there are a lot of scientific studies that support it too!

The bottom line is that it DOES REALLY HELP and maybe, most importantly, it helps WITHOUT drugs and their related side effects. Just ask someone who has taken some headache medications what their side-effects were and you’ll soon realize a non-drug approach should at least be tried first since such approaches are linked to few-to-no side effects.

Dr. Matthew Dunn

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