Safety in Emergencies – A quick list. Desi Becquet

Safety in Emergencies – A quick list. Desi Becquet

Safety in Emergencies

If you have a power outage, most things that you rely on will not work – think about your WIFI. This is why having an address book or notebook with important names and addresses is crucial.


Most online stores carry a quick charger. Make sure those are charged as well. Here is a handy way to do that. Get the flashlights you plug into the wall and plug your charger there as well. The light will come on when there is a power outage.  Ensure you have an extra cable available to take with you.


Keep all your vital documents in one area. This includes your pet’s papers. If you have to leave you can grab all the documents. Remember some places want proof of Fido’s rabies vaccinations. No need to be fancy- you can use an envelope or even a zip lock bag.


Moreover, any health concerns you have should be in your medical records. Ensure that your pills if needed are up to date. All medications should be in their original packaging so you can get refills. It would be helpful too to know the dosage.


Make a get well first aid kit. Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil. A salve for cuts and burns. Bandages. Pads, tampons. SPF lotion. Aloe Vera. And anything you may need to be okay.

Safety in Emergencies – A quick list. Desi Becquet

Keep batteries in their original packaging so you know the date. Keep matches and candles in the same area. That way you know where to look when you need them.

Spend some time in the stores to see what other light options are available, there may be other things you can get. If you don’t have a battery power radio, consider getting one.


Unless you have a gas stove, you will need food for yourself and your pets. Think about a week’s worth for each of you. Cans and packets will be your best bet. Remember to pack snacks too! Your refrigerator will be out of service, get a water potable kit and learn to use it. Do not flush the toilet with your drinking water. Remember, two to three gallons per day is the standard.


We have all lived through Covid. So, all those hand sanitizers and masks may just come in handy. Keep those with your first aid kit.  Stay safe everyone.


Safety in Emergencies – A quick list. Desi Becquet

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