It is generally observed that platonic crushes do not culminate in ultimate rejection. Establishing a platonic friendship is relatively more accessible for individuals, regardless of any physical attraction towards another person.

Conversely, it is considerably difficult for someone to become a romantic partner if they don’t find their counterpart physically attractive. The absence of mutual physical attraction does not heavily impact the spiritual connection. Hence there is no need to force or contrive such a situation.t can be quite confusing to differentiate between a platonic crush and a regular friendship.

When you have a platonic crush, it feels like you are caring for one of your friends with an extra level of empathy, fondness, and understanding.

The main difference between a platonic crush and a typical friendship is that the former can occur between individuals who haven’t spent much time together. Meanwhile, friendships usually develop between two individuals who have spent an extended period enjoying each other’s company face-to-face.

And there is a new term for them:

Using the term ‘squish’ is meant to be a heartwarming, affectionate, and gentle way to refer to a close friend. There is a certain charm in giving your best friend a personalized nickname that reflects your fondness and admiration for them.

Since the term ‘squish’ is not widely used, explaining its meaning to your friends before addressing it with this seemingly strange nickname is advisable. This can ensure that the nickname comes across as a genuine expression of your friendship rather than a random or confusing label

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