The Gray Rock Method


The Gray Rock Method



The most popular method to help yourself is called: “Gray Rock”. This is because a gray rock is easily blended into an environment – yet, it is vital. This is used against a narcissist’s personality.  This way, you can maneuver out of a situation with a narcissist. Keep it as a tool in your quest for self-preservation. It saves on your energy and lets them wind themselves up. You have to change your instinctive reaction to challenge and argue with them not to react at all. To act like a Gray Rock is to give them a no response, no anger, no argument– nothing.

Think of this game:  Gray rock method is like playing the game freeze! When someone yells, freeze; you don’t move, only your face. Show zero emotions on your face. You are not happy; you are not mad or sad. You are just there. You give the Narcissist NOTHING to feed off of. You give yes or no answers, and you don’t provide complete sentences or explain yourself in any way.

If you meet him in person, avoid conversations other than necessary facts. When he tries to press your buttons for a reaction, take a deep breath, and give him nothing. It is difficult at first but necessary for him to be forced to give up and look for a new victim elsewhere.

Remember, narcissists’ are looking for attention, positive or negative. When they are emotional, bragging, lying, complaining, throwing fits, or whatever, you must not react. Practice responding in a calm and even manner. Don’t act shocked, impressed, scared, or hurt. Give as little information about yourself as necessary. If there is no need for a response, do not give one. Walk away. Ignore them. When you consistently respond this way, they will (hopefully) lose interest in you.

Do not make the mistake of trying to get revenge, just like someone with nothing to lose. S/he will make you lose.



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