10 signs that the person you are talking to is a creep

10 signs that the person you are talking to is a creep

The problem with today’s day and age is that texting has become the norm of life. So, when we are texting someone, it is extremely difficult to judge their true personality and real intentions. This is what has led to more cyber-crimes and mistaken identities. One needs to be cautious to avoid getting trapped. We have put together ten pointers for you to identify whether the guy/girl you have been texting is a creep.

10 signs that the person you are talking to is a creep

1. Makes you believe something is your fault, even when you know it’s their. Yes, all of us have met a person like this one. They guilt trip you into thinking whether something which was clearly their fault, is actually your own or not. They emotionally blackmail you and say things like ‘I should haven’t done that, sorry’ but then do it another gazillion times.

2. Sends you an excessive amount of texts after you told them you were out. A genuinely understanding person will give you your space and let you have fun in peace. But if they are a creep, they will not back off even when you told them that you are out with friends, family, etc. Your phone will continue buzzing with their calls and texts.

3.Gets too jealous over small things. A little jealousy is okay, attractive even. But if this person’s jealousy level is 1000 over small things, then the possibility of them being a creep is pretty high. So, you guys had a fight because your male/female colleague called you a little late at night to talk about a meeting the next day? That’s not cute, that’s very creepy.

4. Brags about their assets, possessions and smartness. They keep telling you about the amount of money they earn or the great day they had, without even asking about yours. A good partner will give you a chance to communicate and not have a one-sided conversation.

5. Constantly comments on how attractive your friends are. They look at your friends in a weird way, and when they accompany you, they keep complimenting them. Gives all their attention to your friends when they are with you.

6. Doesn’t have any friends of their own and talk negatively about everyone from their past. You never see them hanging out with people just for fun, its either a business obligation or something they just can’t say no to. A creep doesn’t have friends, for the most part because people notice the kind of things you have started noticing. They keep talking bad about people from their school and any people who were their friends at some point.

7. Constantly keeps telling you that they are a nice person. They need to keep reassuring you and themselves that they are a nice person when in reality, they are just a creep.

8. Doesn’t respond well to ‘no’ and demands reasons for them. It was made pretty clear by Indian cinema that no is a complete answer, it does not require any further explanation or justification. But a creep will always demand further explanations to a negative answer.

9. Assumes you want their help all the time. It is difficult for them to accept the concepts of feminism and individuality so they just feel that, ‘oh, I must always be around her, she will need my help everywhere she goes’

10. Asks too many questions about your friends and family, personal intimate stuff. Definitely a creep if they ask way too many questions about your friends and family. A genuine person would be curious to know you and your friends and family, but this one will want to know information about them.

So, be careful and be alert. Don’t trust anyone without proper research. That is exactly the problem with today’s dating apps because you get introduced to strangers. However, a brand-new dating application GoGaga connects you to people who your friends already know. There is thus a very small chance that you are meeting or talking to creeps because the people aren’t complete strangers.

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Author: Medha Mehta

The author runs the app:

GoGaga empowers youngsters through referrals. GoGaga is a trustworthy dating app, where users are connected to other singles in their extended social network.


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