We know that yoga is a highly recommended exercise not only for our physical but also for mental health.  What better  to practice the postures of this ancient discipline to relax and fill us with energy. Practicing yoga as a couple is a great idea since it will not only motivate us to continue exercising, but it contributes to strengthening the bond, the trust, and maintaining that union and communication that is so important in this challenging situation for everyone.


Half Lotus Pose



It is one of the simplest yoga poses. Contrary to what it may seem, it has many benefits on your body. For example, it helps maintain good posture, relaxes the hips, and provides greater elasticity to the calves and legs. Doing it often helps improve the curvature of the spine.


Partner Seated Spinal Twist Pose



Torsion yoga exercises are also very suitable for couples. Sit cross-legged, back to back, exhale and bring your right hand inside the couple’s left knee, while the left hand stays on the outside of the right knee or thigh.


Double Tree Pose



Not only is it a highly recommended posture to calm the mind, this asana practiced as a couple has great symbology, since the tree means root and trust. To do it, stand shoulder to shoulder with your partner and clasp your hands or put your palms together, while raising your leg to calf or ankle height, whichever is easier.



Warrior Pose 1



Another of the most recommended postures in yoga and that can be done as a couple is that of the warrior. It is an asana that helps stretch the upper body, while strengthening the legs and buttocks. Hold this pose for about five breaths and do it to the opposite side.



Warrior Pose 2



To perform this asana as a couple, spread your legs well, and make sure that the side of your foot is well against your partner’s. Bend your knee and stretch your opposite leg. Stretch your torso and join the hand of your flexed knee to your partner’s while the other rests on your leg. Try looking up at the sky but protecting your neck while doing about five breaths.



Boat Pose



It is an ideal posture for couples and to strengthen the abdominals, hip, and back muscles and to maintain balance. To do it, start sitting, with your legs flexed and the tips of your toes touching with your partner’s. Hold your forearms, raise your legs, and put your arms in parallel.



Downward Facing Dog Pose



Stand in the downward facing dog pose, facing each other. The person in front must walk backwards to be able to raise the legs on the partner’s back and allow them to adopt a 90-degree posture. The posture should be undone carefully, so as not to harm the other.



Square Pose



This is one of the positions that is recommended when you already have some experience. With it, you will stretch your arms, abdomen, back, and legs. To do this, one sits upright while holding the other at a 90 degree angle.


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