Gabby Petito And the Truth about Domestic Violence

Gabby Petito Autopsy Report Shows She Died By Strangulation, Coroner Says

The 22-year-old’s remains were found in Wyoming late last month.
Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue said at a press conference Tuesday that Gabby Petito was strangled to death.

“We hereby find the cause and manner of death to be: cause, death by strangulation, and the manner is homicide,” Dr. Blue said. The coroner added that, under Wyoming state statute, no other information from the autopsy would be released other than the cause and manner of death.

The doctor said his office was “very exacting” in its examination and attributed the monthlong timeframe to waiting for help from specialists, including a toxicology report. The autopsy also included a whole-body CT scan, and examinations by a forensic pathologist and a forensic anthropologist.

Contrary to some speculation online, Petito was not pregnant.

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