How Does a Female Psychopath Behave? by Dr. Winifred Rule

How Does a Female Psychopath Behave? | Fitness Hacks For Life

How Does a Female Psychopath Behave?

Clues that a female psychopath may be in your midst.

Having lived with two psychopaths—a mother and a sister—I am hoping that my personal experience will help others to better understand and protect themselves from women displaying traits of psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder. My goal is to sensitize readers to how female psychopaths act and behave in everyday settings. Living with two of them enabled me to see the entire personality up close over many years—a perspective very different from that of clinicians or researchers.

How Does a Female Psychopath Behave? | Fitness Hacks For Life
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Female Psychopaths Seek to Destroy and Command All Attention

Many female psychopaths seek to destroy others however they can. A female psychopath may undermine your self-esteem using innuendo, or bully you and turn friends and family against you by poisoning your reputation behind your back. There is no end to what she might do to shatter your life. Many female psychopaths are pathological liars who are more cunning and manipulative than male psychopaths.

The female psychopath desires to be the center of attention and demands center stage. Listen closely to her style of speech—how she also manages to play the victim. She may shed crocodile tears to play on your sympathy, and the next moment her tears can transform into raucous laughter. Her personality turns on and off like a neon sign.

Histrionics and Other Tactics

Dare not challenge her. This could trigger a ballistic response.

The psychopathic woman is often known for histrionics and her award-winning performance can be convincing enough to persuade her audience to believe her side of the story—even after hearing your side first. She may resort to whatever means necessary to get what she wants and will use any tool possible—including flirting with your partner or otherwise co-opting through seduction.

In the end, a female psychopath is often loyal to no one. She may believe she is entitled to everything, while it pleases her to give you nothing. She might gloat over your misfortune and, while she is gloating, you may even notice a smirk on her face. After all, why should you have more than her?

She might steal or deliberately damage a treasured possession—and if she gets caught, she will never apologize because it is really your fault. As a matter of fact, she distorts all stories in her favor and blames you for what she does.

Driven by Envy and Personal Inadequacy

At her core, the female psychopath may not like herself. But it rarely helps to feel sorry for her. No matter what you do for her, no matter what you give her, she will remain ungrateful. She is likely extremely envious and desires to obtain everything that she wants since she believes she was cheated out of life’s bounty, and it is up to her to even the score.

What she wants is impossible to get: Why aren’t movie producers banging down her door? Why doesn’t she have the long legs of a Rockette? Mind you, what she wants has no end and brings her no satisfaction. She appreciates nothing.

Beware if she offers you gossip as confidential information. She is telling others the same stories, many of which might be half-truths or even full-blown lies. She may be highly adept at sidling up to people. She will size you up in a moment while you are still trying to figure her out.

Incapacity for Love

The most devastating and destructive of her psychopathic traits may be her incapacity to love anyone—even her own child. This intrinsic incapacity spells doom for any relationship.

How Does a Female Psychopath Behave? | Fitness Hacks For Life

Winifred Rule is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy and author of Born to Destroy, the first instructional book on the female psychopath, based on her experiences and lessons learned from living with two psychopaths.


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