Instead of Ghosting, do this

Instead of Ghosting, do this

Instead of vanishing without a trace, handling this situation with compassion, honesty, and courtesy is imperative. By engaging in open dialogue, both parties can gain insight into each other’s motives behind their communication while finding closure along the way.

The optimal course of action is simply being forthright about one’s sentiments or concerns regarding terminating contact while maintaining a gentle demeanor throughout this exchange. In case any positive aspects emerge from their interaction, expressing gratitude towards those experiences will be beneficial in fostering understanding between both individuals involved in this conversation’s resolution process as it acknowledges their feelings. Respect is the core of any relationship.


Should issues concerning personal boundaries arise during this discussion, clearly articulating one’s need for personal space or distance and explaining that these limits are set for the sake of one’s well-being will be paramount. If deemed appropriate, offering a brief explanation for one’s decision can provide closure and enable the other person to grasp their perspective fully.


A sample message could read as follows: I wanted to take this opportunity to have an open and sincere conversation with you. Throughout our discussions, I’ve come to realize that it is essential for me to focus on personal matters and take some time for self-reflection. I intend to be transparent regarding this decision rather than abruptly disappearing, as I believe you deserve an explanation. I genuinely cherished our conversations and the connection we shared. I hope you can understand my perspective, and I sincerely wish you all the best.

Or: We had a good time, but I don’t feel the connection I need in my life. I wish you the best.

And I truly valued our conversations and the connection we had. I hope you understand my decision, and I genuinely wish you all the best.


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