Mindfulness by Staff

Mindfulness by Staff


People normally get stuck in a pattern of spinning thoughts—thinking about multiple things that need to be done like ruminating about past events, what to cook, when to do laundry or even future events. Mindfulness helps if practiced properly whereas the first question is What is mindfulness?

It can be described as a mental state that involves being completely centered on the present and things of the present moment so that you can understand and embrace your thoughts, sensations, happenings and feelings without any judgment. This type of meditation teaches the process of slowing down thought and stop negativity by calming the mind and body.

Every human being already has a mindfulness quality. You can only learn the techniques to access it, and it is not something that you have to conjure up.


Generally, a meditation on mindfulness requires breathing practice for body and mind awareness. Otherwise, Mindfulness methods have plenty of styles. Mindfulness methods does not require props or planning (no need for candles, mantras, essential oils, unless you enjoy them). Sit in a comfortable place for five to ten minutes, to get started in free time and make your mind completely carefree.

Mindfulness meditation helps you find ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, especially during those days when life is too busy to take out some time for your own. Mindfulness meditation is the technique that provides a variety of opportunities and tasks to practice the meditation by proper practicing.

There are ample of things which you can do through mindfulness, as Monahan says, “Anytime that you are resting your attention in the present moment and whatever you are doing/experiencing you are practicing being mindful,” she says. “Not only does this enrich the present moment activity/experience you’re engaging in, but it also allows you to be present in your time rather than going back into the past or into the future”.

While brushing your teeth:

Feel the brush on your fingers and your feet on the floor. Feel and watch your arm moving up and down.

While doing the dishes:

Feel the warmth of water on your hands, different types of lights reflecting from the surface of bubbles and clunking of pans in the bottom of the sink.

While doing the laundry:

Focus on the count of your breath while folding the laundry. Pay some attention to the clean and tidy clothes, feel of the fabric and light smell of detergent in the washed clothes.

While driving.

Put something soothing like classical or soft music and turn off the radio. Pay attention to yourself, feel your spine growing tall. Feel your hands feeling relax while gripping the wheel too tightly and if you think your mind is wandering then bring it back to the point that you were focusing.

In the Gym.

Do not watch television instead, focus on your breathing and the movement of your feet on the treadmill.

Being with kids in the bed.

Get down with your kids and keep yourself on the same level, listen more to what they are saying instead of talking. Answer their questions calmly, relax and snuggle.

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