The Silent Treatment.

The silent treatment is a behavior often adopted by people to make one realize that they have done something wrong. One simply stops all sorts of verbal contacts with the person and wouldn’t talk even if it’s necessary, ignoring the other person’s existence completely. However, this method is also often adopted by narcissists. A narcissist is a person who priorities himself over others. He thinks himself better than others and is unhealthily in love with themselves. 

Silent treatment is also a passive aggressive way a narcissist chooses to mentally abuse their victims. Other than loving themselves, narcissists also have a hobby of belittling other people. For instance, the silent treatment is another way the narcissist choose to emotionally damage their victims. As they cannot say anything abusive, they use their body language to how their disapproval of the person next to them. Rolling their eyes while the person talks, or they will look at the person with an expression of disgust is their way of showing how low they think of you. 

This silent treatment by narcissists could even go on for weeks. They purposely ignore your presence and make you feel like you’re not worthy of even being acknowledged. Their main purpose is to hurt you emotionally. Another thing a narcissist will do is give a blank stare when someone tells them something important. This is called stonewalling. Stonewalling is treating a person as if you’re looking at a wall. A narcissist might not pay any heed to anything important you said and give no response. What they want to do is instil the silent treatment. This is their way to say you are not important enough for them to waste their time by responding to you. 

If this has happened to you, know you are not alone and know there is nothing wrong with you. There is however something very wrong with them.

 Be kind to yourself, you did not know before. 

Credits: Maria Consilgio 

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