10 Tips to Take Care of your Emotional Health During the Coronavirus Epidemic

10 Tips to Take Care of your Emotional Health During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Spending several days locked up at home, with extra free time and during an epidemic, is not easy for your health. The coronavirus generates uncertainty and motivates negative actions during quarantine that are guided by fear, anxiety, and excess information.

So that you can pass this confinement stage in the best way, we share some tips with which you will keep your body and mind healthy. We include recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other positive actions that will help you generate well-being every day:

Avoid panic shopping

Panic shopping, as the name implies, only creates stress. If stocking your cupboard will make you feel calmer, do it, but smartly. The New York Times recommends buying pasta, rice, broth and broth, beans, deli meats, eggs, frozen fruits and vegetables, canned fish, olive oil, vinegar, nuts and dried fruits, butter, sugar, root vegetables, and spices.

Learn to identify fake news

The rumors, yellowing news, and alarming videos will be in all the media, mainly on social networks. Select your trusted sources and try to check their official websites and social networks—for example, the World Health Organization (WHO).

Take breaks away from the news

If the news makes you nervous, set free hours on television, radio, newspapers, and digital media, yes, including social media. Nor is it about ignoring the world, just find out to stay alert and forewarned at any indication.

Motivate yourself and motivate others

With quarantine, you will have free time that you can use to make videos about your dogs, inspiring texts, or create drawings. Review your old photographs and remember with your loved ones moments from the past, together they can plan new adventures for the future.

Talk to the little ones in the house

Whether with your children, siblings, or nephews, strike up conversations where everyone can express their feelings, such as fear, sadness, or despair. Also, do activities together to cope with quarantine, from watching a movie, putting together a puzzle, playing video games, or doing crafts.

For the little ones, it can be difficult to understand the situation the world is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Talk to them using age-appropriate material and information that is reliable. This can help decrease their anxiety and worry. Also note that they observe everything, like your behavior, so show them by example that everything will be fine.

Maintain virtual contact with your friends and family

Being quarantined means staying home without going out, except for essential activities like shopping for food. This includes family visits and social gatherings. Take into account that going out and visiting other people exposes not only you, but also them. The means to communicate are not enough, from an email, social networks, video calls, or simple calls.

Don’t quit your job

Set aside a comfortable space that doesn’t limit your creativity and productivity. To not feel isolated, organize video conferences with your colleagues and work together. They can also take time to talk about any topic, like movies and books, share tips for coping with quarantine, introduce their family or pets.

Keep your routines

Being quarantined does not mean stopping or changing all your activities. If on weekends you water your plants or do cleaning, keep doing it. If you had days set aside to visit friends or family, give them a call and catch up.

Listen to yourself and pamper yourself

Pay attention to what you need and what you are feeling. Lean on your close loved ones, your network of virtual contacts, and your pets. Express what you feel, exercise, sleep well, eat with your health in mind, and indulge yourself.

Get away from toxic fear

Normally, you feel fear. This feeling is healthy when prudence motivates you, forces you to protect yourself and stay home without affecting your mental health. But when fear generates collective hysteria, compulsive shopping, and takes away sleep, it becomes toxic. You have to avoid this type of fear, remember that the coronavirus epidemic, like others in the past, will be overcome, as well as various difficult situations the world has gone through. Keep in mind that the quarantine is going to end. Soon everything will return to normal.


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